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Message Hotep sister Rkhty; I hope all is well with you. I have been doing some research and from what I have found, you are the most prominent Medu Neter scholar of our African world community. I am thinking about joining your class; however, can you give me an idea of what percentage of the Medu Neter that has been deciphered and can actually be learned in your classes? Thanks for your clarification. Kindest regards, Darren


Hotep Darren,

Thanks for your question. Mdu Ntr never was a dead language. Today it is read like any other classical language. There are living and ancient dialects. Today we can read, write and speak Mdu Ntr. The grammar of this language is well known, the part we are most uncertain of is the deeper meaning of words and phrases and this is an area of continuous study. One language cannot be translated directly onto another, for the most part there is no one to one correspondence to the meaning of words. In our classes students learn basic grammar so that they can read simple stories, texts, etc. learn to compose sentences to speak and write. At the end of level 1, students have a good foundation in the grammar.

In Maat

Rkhty Amen

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