Thoughts on the weighing of the heart.....

I wanted to comment about the Kemetic scales of the afterlife vs the American scales of justice. In a half serious, half comedic way the comparison is very different. I think that the Kemites showed a continuosly balanced scale because that is the ideal that they wanted the people to follow. They basically displayed what they expected the people to do, to set the bar high so to speak. The American scales of justice, on the other hand, presents some problems. The perpetually unbalanced scale suggests that the scales are broken. The long suffering lady holding them up probably can't tell that they are broken due to the fact that she is constantly blindfolded. If the blindfolds were ever removed, perhaps she could have the scales repaired. The state of the justice system itself today sort of reflects this. The Kemites might phrase it. "Broke scales American.". That's my thought. Dua, hotep.

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