I wanted you to know that the beginners Mdw Ntr class was very enjoyable and well done. I feel that I learned a lot and it exceeded my expectations. I felt that it was both interesting and informative. In regards to the term "nb", I found the opportunity to learn about this term fascinating. During that lesson, you expressed to us that the word nb had not really had a chance to be properly translated. There were ideas about it, with the most accepted apparently being "lord or lady." You also stated that words such as "possessor" and "caretaker" had been suggested. I was very interested in the way that this word was used. It was paired with a diverse group of nouns. It was used to describe nouns such as "house", "two lands", "life" and "coffin." It was the use of the noun coffin that caught my attention. I asked myself what use a coffin had. I decided that a coffin is used to preserve and protect a body. Using deduction, I figured that the term nb probably applied to the other terms the way it did to coffin. Therefore, something or one that is nb would preserve or protect something or someone else. This could easily include the house, the two lands, the life and the deceased in the coffin. The other words that might apply are "steward" or "guardian." Of course, I don't know if this is the correct definition, but it does seem to fit as a usage. It was very nice to have a chance to learn about terms such as "nb" and about Mdw Ntr in general. Amunet

Ankh,uja,snb sebat Rkhty Amen,

The beginners class was a Once in a Lifetime opportunity for me.Am amazed that I now have a basic knowledge of Mdu Ntr.I can read words and even correctly pronounce them.The most fulfilling part is that am able to recite the Hotep di Nasut prayer fluently from my memory.As an African from the continent of Africa,who speaks three indigenous African languages fluently,I can authoritatively confirm that Mdu nTr is not diffrent from any African languages,people from continental Africa can easily learn this amazing language.I would recommend every person of African descent to learn this learn Mdu nTr because it offers a wide array of knowledge about Kemet and the way of life of the Kemetyu.

I look forward to continue learning this language and to help promote its usage in the continent of Africa. duA for your time.

Heru nefer. Hezbon

DuA Sabt Rkhty Amen..

I thoroughly enjoyed the Introduction to Medu Neter Class. I agree the class accomplished a lot. I personally feel more confident in my ability to read, write and speak Medu Neter. You have really helped me as I am in the process of recovering my language and developing in my inner standing of myself, my history and my foundation to build upon. By adding this linguistic and cultural component it has truly enriched my life. I look forward to continuing my study with you as well as interacting and growing with my fellow students.

M mAat

The next Semester of Medu Neter Level 1 will be starting April 11 2016. I hope that you are enjoyed this first Introduction to Medu Neter Semester. I think that everyone of the sbAty has accomplished a lot, all of you are beginning to read and speak the language. The second Semester is a more in depth study of grammar, reading, speaking, and composition and culture. I hope that some of you will continue on this journey to learn Mdu Ntr, there is so much more to learn.


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