Declaring Maat

Something to contemplate: English words do not translate mdu nTr cultural concepts, case in point, the word Judgement. The most well known passage and scene from Kemet found in the Book of Coming Forth by Day is in the Hall of Double Maat. The picture is often refered to as a the "Judgement Scene" but is it actually a judgement. This is the scene where a person’s consciousness is weighed on a scale against the feather of Maat to reveal if a person has lived a life of right doing according to Maat. This weighing is done in the presence of the Wsir and the Neteru and the outcome is recorded by Jhuty (Ntr of wisdom) in the universe. There is no judge so to speak, but only one’s own consciousness is observing and being observed by the Neteru (everything, all existence). There has not yet been found a picture with the scales tilted. maybe because we are Maat, born Maat and will eternally have the opportunity to llve Maat in any dimension we are in. Doing Maat is necessary to keep everything in balance in life.

This is similar to the African idea (common among all African people) of an "accounting", namely, there is a time when a person will have to give an accounting of his/her earthly life in the presence of the living spirits. The only part of us that goes on to the next life is our consciousness with its karmic (positive or negative) imprints. Fell free to share your thoughts. (Next week we will contemplate the declarations of Maat.)

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