Medu Neter a Living Language

The people of Kemet spoke Medu Neter. It was not a “secrete language” of Priest or Initiates only to be read in temples. The Kemites further developed the art of writing to the highest extent, so much so that medu neter has the largest amount of written literature of all the ancient languages put together.

Both the spoken and written language should be studied together in order to grasp the full extent of its meaning and cultural experience. For years we have ignored the spoken language because of the challenges of determining the value of the sounds, i.e. pronunciation as well meanings so different from ours in the West and also problems of adopting an ancient language to "fit" a modern culture. It’s time to take up that challenge. We obviously need to have conferences to discuss reviving mdu ntr as a living language.

In the mean time, we can begin to learn and teach medu neter, our amazing classical African language, to our children.

-Rkhty Amen

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