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Declaring Maat

Something to contemplate: English words do not translate mdu nTr cultural concepts, case in point, the word Judgement. The most well known passage and scene from Kemet found in the Book of Coming Forth by Day is in the Hall of Double Maat. The picture is often refered to as a the "Judgement Scene" but is it actually a judgement. This is the scene where a person’s consciousness is weighed on a scale against the feather of Maat to reveal if a person has lived a life of right doing according to Maat. This weighing is done in the presence of the Wsir and the Neteru and the outcome is recorded by Jhuty (Ntr of wisdom) in the universe. There is no judge so to speak, but only one’s own consciousnes

Who Deciphered The Hieroglyphs

>> Even though the decipherment of the hieroglyphs is a pretty vast subject to discuss on these are some links of information in which I wanted to share! THE EGYPTIAN SUFI DHU'L NUN AL-MISRI Dhu'l Nun al-Misri was born at Akhmim in Upper Egypt and died at Giza, near Cairo. After his death he became a [if gte vml 1]><v:shapetype id="_x0000_t75" coordsize="21600,21600" o:spt="75" o:preferrelative="t" path="m@4@5l@4@11@9@11@9@5xe" filled="f" stroked="f"> <v:stroke joinstyle="miter"></v:stroke> <v:formulas> <v:f eqn="if lineDrawn pixelLineWidth 0"></v:f> <v:f eqn="sum @0 1 0"></v:f> <v:f eqn="sum 0 0 @1"></v:f> <v:f eqn="prod @2 1 2"></v:f> <v:f eqn="prod @3 21600 pixelWidth">

Medu Neter a Living Language

The people of Kemet spoke Medu Neter. It was not a “secrete language” of Priest or Initiates only to be read in temples. The Kemites further developed the art of writing to the highest extent, so much so that medu neter has the largest amount of written literature of all the ancient languages put together. Both the spoken and written language should be studied together in order to grasp the full extent of its meaning and cultural experience. For years we have ignored the spoken language because of the challenges of determining the value of the sounds, i.e. pronunciation as well meanings so different from ours in the West and also problems of adopting an ancient language to "fit" a modern cu

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